Writing Snippets Episode Two: Writer’s Groups

Join your hosts, Alice, Ava, Elissa, Jocelyn, Lauren, Lilly and Nichole as we discuss Writer’s Groups. Have you ever thought about starting, or joining a writers group? Listen as we share our experience with writer’s groups, what works and what doesn’t and how our  writer’s group evolved into the manuscript-making machine it is now- with a lot of laughter along the way. Write in the comments section below your Writer’s Group stories, the good, the bad, and THE ugly, and what has worked for you.

****Leave a comment about your New Years Writing Resolutions to be entered in the drawing to win a Writer’s Digest Writing Planner. The winner will be announced on Monday, Jan. 31st.

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5 responses to “Writing Snippets Episode Two: Writer’s Groups

  • Ava

    Wow, the people in this group are so cool!… Oh, Nichole already said that. 😀
    Seriously, I am lucky to know you all. I think I am improving. (I’m sure you’ll tell me if I’m not…)I’m remembering what Jocelyn said about tailoring a critique to what the author needs to know to make the story the best it can be, as opposed to whether or not you like the story. Good advice.I need to do some refocusing, I think…Thank you, friends!

    • Alice Beesley

      We’re glad you’re a part of our group Ava! You add a lot. I like what you said about needing to respect the writing of the other people in your group in order to respect their critiques. Good stuff.

  • Petra

    Hm. Not sure I’m ready for a writers group, but you make it sound fun.

    • alicebeesley

      Having a writer’s group is a big help because we can’t always see our own mistakes. I wouldn’t have learned or improved as much as I have in the last few years without the feedback. For me it’s a must! I’d rather have them find and point out my mistakes than send it to an editor and have them find the mistakes a writer’s group would have caught. You earn to develop a think skin which is necessary in this business to handle all the rejections or you’ll just give up. Having said that, it’s important to find the right group for you. I went through several groups before I found this one.

  • Chas Hathaway

    What’s the best way to get into a writers group? I’ve tried an online group once and it didn’t go too well. I don’t know how you can properly critique and discuss plot elements without talking about them face to face.

    After my book was published, I decided it’s probably time for me to join a writers group, but I delayed because I assumed writer’s groups always met weekly, and that was just too often for me. I was so glad to hear in this podcast that there are groups that only meet monthly. That would be ideal!

    Do you guys have suggestions of how to get into a writing group without having to start a brand-new one?

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