January WINNER

…and the winner of the fabulous writing planner from Readers Digest is …


who said,

“I can’t remember what road I followed here but I’m glad I did!
Can I leave my New Year’s goal here? I need to learn to enjoy the journey, take each step one at a time.”

Congratulations and a representative of Writing Snippets will contact you shortly.

Thanks for entering everyone!


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2 responses to “January WINNER

  • Ron Greenleaf

    I’m so glad I learned about this website ! I was in a slump (“writer’s block”), and haven’t written for sometime now. Podcasts are very helpful.
    NOTE: I just learned from BYU Registration Phone Center that you can’t register for the UTUE Conference (02-17-19-2011 @ BYU) as a student. You have to take a chance and show up each day at the door (and show your student ID) and hope there’s a seat left. I’ve decided to pay the small price of admission for what appears to be a very informative conference.

    • Alice Beesley

      Hi Ron. Glad you found us and thanks for the tip. How did you learn about us? We’ll be attending LTUE too. Would love to meet you. Come and find us and introduce yourself. We’ll be the crazy group of women handing out flyers for writingsnippets!

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