Writing Snippets Episode Eleven: Meet LDS Author Tristi Pinkston

LDS published writer of 6 novels  Tristi Pinkston shares  insights into her daily life being a wife, author, editor, blogger and homeschooling mom to her four children. Not to mention the one item NOT to use in your funeral potatoes. Ava Mc’s this podcast. Trust us, if Tristi can find time to write you can too!

Here is a short bio of Tristi
With her crisp writing style and attention to detail, author Tristi Pinkston has won the hearts of readers the world over with her historical fiction and now with her cozy mysteries.

(about 20min)

We are having a GIVEAWAY!!! Leave a comment to be entered for a chance to win Tristi’s charming cozy mystery  Secret Sisters – did we mention she signed it?? She so did.

The Secret Sisters is the first novel, Dearly Departed is the second and the third will be released in August 2011.

Here you can find Tristi’s author services, editing  your manuscript with even a very cool virtual book tour option.

Tristi mentioned her favorite homeschooling curriculum company American Education Publishing.

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