Episode 15: M. L. Forman Writing with a FULL time job

Fantasy writer, M. L. Forman is here to tell us his tale of entering the published world. His wonderful series, Adventurers Wanted, has two published novels in it… so far. Slathbog’s Gold and The Horn of Moran. Jocelyn hosts. Lauren and Mark talk about life at a full time day job when you are also a writer. (The noise at the beginning is a decoration that fell onto the computer, lol)

(about 17 min.)

Comment here to be entered into the monthly drawing to win a free book. An extra entry if you name what kind of animal interrupted us 🙂 Another entry if you blog about us or facebook about us. Get your magic swords out and cast your favorite spells!


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7 responses to “Episode 15: M. L. Forman Writing with a FULL time job

  • Dan

    Another grand interview Mark, and some good general advice on how to cope with life that has the nasty little habit of getting in the way of writing. I started keeping a word document open. I don’t get to it as often as I would like, but it is always there, an alt+tab away, waiting for me to pour into it the stories and ideas that spring forth. For those of us with a primary workstation it can serve as a nice reminder of what goals we are aspiring to achieve.

  • Roger

    This interview is pretty cool. I think that finding the balance is my biggest struggle. I work full time and go to school full time, while trying to write as well. So far it hasn’t turned out so well. I think I get stuck a lot more often than I should just because I have to step away from my writing so much. All of my other interests don’t help either. Watching movies and TV shows with my wife, reading so much, and playing video games (yup, I love them too; you guys should come find me on the PSN, my ID is Andivarious). I’m really glad that M.L. Forman managed it though. The Adventures Wanted books are great. I think that they are the first books that I have read more than once for about ten years; I . Usually I get bored when I try to re-read a book, just because I have a really good memory, but I enjoyed these books so much I’ve read the Slathbog’s Gold several times and I had the Horn of Moran read cover to cover within about forty-eight hours of its release and I will be reading it again as soon as this semester is over. Since I live in rural UT, I haven’t been able to get a signed copy of either book like I would like to, but my wife and I keep watching Forman’s blog for more information about signing dates. Since we got the Horn of Moran on the kindle so that we could get it quickly, we’ll be buying another copy when we go to whatever signing we can make it to.

    Also, you would think that I would know how to do this, but I don’t facebook a lot, so is this all I need to do to link my profile to the post? Or is there some other link that I need?

    Hope to see anyone from the site that likes to game on the PSN and Mr. Forman (I don’t know if you prefer Mark or not) I hope to meet you in person when the opportunity arises.

    • alicebeesley

      Roger, I admire your dedication to writing when you work full time and going to school full time. That’s the sign of a true writer. You’re entered in the drawing to win the book. Good luck!

  • Lesa

    I enjoyed the webcast about working full time and trying to write. It has been a challenge all of my life to fit in my passions while working to maintain a family. I appreciated the insight.

  • Nichole

    Great interview! What was that little “yip” at the end? A dog barking or a hiccup? Funny! So sad I missed these interviews and the chance to meet Mark.

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