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WS 22: The Writer Life

We all have fantasies of what a writer life should be, but the truth isn’t so edited or clean. Lillian hosts as we discuss how we fit writing into our lives, who has it worse Man vs. Women – the answer might surprise you, and the main objective we all should have. Juggling writing and a family is not easy, but it can be done. Do you have any tips on what works for you?


Authors noted in this podcast are:

Ray Bradbury

Gail Carson Levine

Brandon Sanderson

James Dashner

Dan Wells

Dean Hughes

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WS 21: Revision 2

Jocelyn hosts again as we discuss a detailed breakdown of the revision process we learned from Master David Farland at LTUE, a writing conference in Provo, UT.

about 21 min

David Farland does amazing writing workshops and one is being held in St. George Utah very soon. It has been said this is the last one he will do for the next 3 years and if you are in that area, it is well worth y our time and money to attend this amazing workshop.

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WS Episode 20: Revision

Revisions revisions. Jocelyn does a great job hosting how we, the Writing Snippet Crew revise our novels (or don’t in some cases). We also touch briefly on the difference between short story, poetry and article revisions.

(about 23min.)

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WS Episode 19: Critiquing Part 2

Alice hosts part 2 of what to look for when critiquing. I know to the new novelist or writer that you want to shake us all and say ‘picky picky picky!’ My advice is to just pick one thing you have never heard of before and work on it. Listen to this again in a month and something else new will jump out at you. Writing is a journey, and we hope that sharing what we have learned so far will help others get a head start. Thanks for your support! Writing Snippets

(about 18min.)

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WS 18: Critiquing Part 1

Learn our styles of critiquing, the do’s and don’ts of critiquing and what to look for in critiquing your novel.

(about 25min.)

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