And the Winner is…. and announcing our Most exciting Giveaway!

Our Giveaway for the month of May is my (Lillian’s) favorite writing program I have ever tried- and I have tried a bunch! Scrivener!!!
Scrivener for OS X
Here is the lowdown. Starting May 2nd, comment on any of our MAY posts and each comment will be entered to win. 1 comment=1entry. 2 comments=2 entries, etc. If you spread the word about this contest you can gain more entries by telling us and providing a link. Each comment with a link will get another entry. Seriously peeps, you could get a ton of entries to win this! And it is worth it! Thanks 🙂 And thanks to Scrivener for donating a copy to us- they are so awesome! Go and download your trial version so  you are ready when you win 🙂  (this is a MAC version, if you have Windows, win it for a friend and go get the beta version for windows now)

And the Winner of a signed copy of…. IS…

Hank! Contact us at writingsnippets at gmail dot com and we will get it sent out to you 🙂


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7 responses to “And the Winner is…. and announcing our Most exciting Giveaway!

  • Jess Smart Smiley

    Wow. This IS an exciting giveaway! I was just reading about Scrivener and it looks like
    a really helpful program. I love how it works as a project management program and as software, and I’m especially taken by the way it allows you to store research files, all within the same program. I’m at a point in my story, where I feel like some more research would really help the process, but I have books and papers piled next to my computer and it’s daunting to see all the work ahead of me. Scrivener just might be the solution I need!

    • Alice

      Hi Jess. You’re entered to win. If you put a link on your blog and facebook, twitter, etc and send us the links we’ll enter you some more and increase your chances of winning! Can’t wait to see my picture of Kala that you’re drawing that I won on your website. See you at Conduit.

      • Jess Smart Smiley

        Sweet. I think I’ll put up a blog post about it. Maybe the one or two readers on my blog will love Writing Snippets as much as I do (not to mention Scrivener!).

  • Nichole

    Dang! Too bad Writing Snippet members can’t win . . .

  • DeeDee v.

    I want to win! I want to win!! I want to win!!

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