WS 21: Revision 2

Jocelyn hosts again as we discuss a detailed breakdown of the revision process we learned from Master David Farland at LTUE, a writing conference in Provo, UT.

about 21 min

David Farland does amazing writing workshops and one is being held in St. George Utah very soon. It has been said this is the last one he will do for the next 3 years and if you are in that area, it is well worth y our time and money to attend this amazing workshop.

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2 responses to “WS 21: Revision 2

  • Jess Smart Smiley

    I take back what I wrote last time—THIS is my new favorite episode! 😛

    You girls are really touching on everything I’ve been wondering about or have needed to know in my own writing.

    I’m realizing more and more that the voice of my narrator is not nearly distinct enough from the characters and I’m going to have some serious work to do in the revision process.

    Someone mentioned “editing for clarity” and that’s another issue I’ll have when the rewrites come.

  • Nichole Jarnagin

    I agree with you Jess. This is my new favorite episode too– I LOVE revision. Actually, there’s this big, mean editor lady in my head (whom I hate) and she bosses me around all the time saying things like, “Revise this, and revise that.” I’ve tried firing her, but she works for free and she has nothing better to do so she won’t leave. Because of her I’ve learned to embrace revision. If you want to borrow her just let me know 🙂

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