We have been Featured…

The AWESOME Geek is Sheik Dungeon Crawlers Radio website has featured us. We are blushing it is such a great shout out. Dungeon Crawlers does a really cool and fun geek podcast

Here is their Bio:

Dungeon Crawlers Radio hosted by Revan and Malak. Is a show all about many the facets of the World of Geek! We cover everything from role-playing systems, movies both independent and mainstream, books, comics, video games and systems, tech, and anything else geek with a side of music.
Dungeon Crawlers Radio is also broadcasted live, every Monday night 6:00 to 9:00 MST on Utah Free Media (www.UtahFM.org).
The podcasts are the side companions to the live Dungeon Crawlers Radio show.  So tune in to the live show and listen to the entertaining podcasts.
They have some great interviews from CONDuit this year- awesome interviews from people such as Howard Taylor and Dan Wells, Eric Patten, Karina Fabian, Jess Smart Smiley and more. Go show them some love and check out their fun live show too. Have a great day!



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