WS 26: Messing with the Muse

Alice hosts as we discuss what we think the Muse is –Xanadu, with Olivia Newton John, flashback anyone? We talk a lot about where authors get inspiration. We tried not to offend anyone, but…sometimes it just happens. Listen on…

23 min.

Put in your comment which book you would like to win. Contest ends the end of this month.

1. The fourth Nephite

2. Far World book 1

3. Far World book 2

*Bonus question: What are two of Lillian’s Fears?

Remember- each comment is worth 1 entry. You can comment as much as you like. Share this with Facebook or on your blog for extra entries – just be sure to let us know you have done so- You may also try to win more than one book. Have fun!


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11 responses to “WS 26: Messing with the Muse

  • John D. Payne

    I have also noticed that people tend to get similar ideas at around the same time. And I see it not just in creative arts, but also in academia. Very weird. But the important insight, as you note, is that if I don’t capitalize on my ideas, someone else will.

  • John D. Payne

    (PS – I’m still interested in the first Farland book.)

  • John D. Payne

    (PPS – I mean Far Worlds.)

  • Cara

    It was really funny because yesterday I was writing on my blog about this very topic then you guys posted your podcast. I added a link to it on my blog.
    Okay so Lillian’s fears are the shower and the vacuum. That part of the podcast made me laugh. I would be interested in reading some of her stuff.
    About the cloud thing, I get really paranoid about people stealing my story ideas so I really hope there isn’t some collective idea cloud. I think a personal Cara idea cloud would be nice, with all new ideas. Unfortunately I don’t think that is the case.
    I get my best ideas through dreams.That is the source for some of my more creative story ideas because many times my dreams are quite bizarre.
    I would like to win any of the books.

  • M.L. Forman

    Great podcast, but I beg to differ on the comment that people are less superstitious now than in the past. Everyone has some little thing they do for good luck or safety or whatever. Superstition is alive and well, and it’s a good thing for us writers that it is, because that is part of what makes people want to read your “fiction” story and believe it.

    Oh, and I’m afraid there is some scientific backing that everybody’s subconscious mind is linked to everybody else. It’s that whole quantum physics thing and the bases for everything being energy. Good thing it’s only a theory at this point. Personally I’m with Hercule Poirot when it comes to finding ideas or the parts of stories I don’t know yet. Let your little gray cells work on it by themselves for a bit, and the answer will come.

    Keep up the great work


  • alicebeesley

    Great comments. The muse makes for an interesting discussion. We were sort of joking around about the cloud thing (Well, at least I was), but it’s cool to know that there may actually be some scientific backing for it. Thanks Mark.

    Also, it’s great that Cara gets a lot of her good ideas from dreams. I tried writing down my dreams every morning for a year after I heard Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight idea came from a dream, but unfortunately I got nothing interesting I could use for a story, so I quit recording my dreams.

    Maybe we’ll make the first chapter of our novels available for listeners to read and comment on. Then you could read some of Lilly’s moon-based multi-personality-murderess protagonist sci-fi thriller novel.

  • Petra

    I always write down my dreams, but I don’t get story ideas from them – usually. I don’t like writing slasher / horror / whatever.

    Usually I get story ideas from reading, or from movies. Turn an idea on its head and see if it turns into anything interesting. Then the story worms around in my head for a while and comes out entirely different.

  • John D. Payne

    Maybe every writer tries a dream journal at some point. I know I did. And although none of them translated directly into a story, I I got lots of good ideas there.

    Have you guys done a podcast on how to take your idea seeds and develop them into stories?

    (Still Far Worlds 1, if the contest is still on.)

    • Writing Snippets

      We have not done a podcast on that, but it is a great one to add to our list. Thanks!

      • John D. Payne

        I think generating and developing ideas is really important for writers.

        Larry Correia and John Brown have a lecture about generating story ideas– you can find it on youtube. And one of the things they talk about is the need to push your ideas just a little bit. You begin by brainstorming, just writing down things that go ‘zing’ in your brain, things you think are interesting or exciting.

        But then you take another step. Maybe you start combining these ideas together. Or maybe you do what they call the “list and twist” approach, where you go down your list of ideas and think about how to take them in a novel or strange direction.

        So you start with a dream journal, or wiki-walking, or anything else that gets you exposed to new ideas, things that make your brain go zing. You plant seeds. And then you take that next step and develop your ideas, see if they grow and bear fruit. So to speak. 🙂

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