Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

*****Update- because I am a dork. Here is the email

Three winners to be exact and we are grateful for your patience since we are a week late in picking them. But the numbers have been generated and counted and here they are the very lucky owners of the Jeffery Scott Savage beautiful hardback books signed by him. And if you didn’t win, go check out Jeff’s crazy insightful blog at, you won’t be sorry.

Winner #1 For the book The Fourth Nephite

ML Forman (we do not discriminate against well published and respected authors- plus he commented alot. Remember this is chosen all by random. Check out his blog too)

Winner #2 For the book Far world book 1

John D Payne

Winner #3 for the book Far World #2


If John and Cara have a blog we can check out too, let us know in the comments.

Congrats to all three winners and Email us your information so we can mail these out to you!!

We have really loved the comments and insights posted this past month- we have very talented listeners.

Keep in mind, even though you have won from our website once,  you can win again another month.

Thanks everyone!

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