WS 31: Elana Johnson Building an Online Presence

Jocelyn hosts as Elana Johnson discusses the things an author can do online to build a brand. She has great tips for those just starting out. And we want to highlight her Annual ONLINE Writing Conference Which will feature many Authors vlogs and blog posts. Starting August 16-18th at 6AM EST – 10 PM EST every night. This is not to be missed!


Download (right click and go to “save link as” to download)

Here is a link to a few of her sites.

Official Elana Johnson website– I LOVE the butterfly in ice


League of extraordinary writers

Click here to connect with Elana on one of her many online networks

And of course we have a prize for one lucky listener. A signed copy- Hardback- of Possession, Elana’s debut novel. To be entered, leave a comment below. For extra entries blog, twitter, or facebook about and then leave a comment for each one. Thanks for your support!

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