WS 32: Elana Johnson 2 YA Dystopian

Have you ever wanted to write a dystopian novel? Or wanted to learn what a dystopian novel really means?

Elana Johnson is with us a second time and talks about her novel Possession and why it is a Dystopian young adult novel. Hosted by Jocelyn.

(about 20min)

Download (right click and go to “save link as” to download)

And we want to highlight her Annual ONLINE Writing Conference Which will feature many Authors vlogs and blog posts. Starting August 16-18th at 6AM EST – 10 PM EST every night. This is not to be missed!

And of course we have a prize for one lucky listener. A signed copy- Hardback- of Possession, Elana’s debut novel. To be entered, leave a comment below. For extra entries blog, twitter, or facebook about and then leave a comment for each one. Thanks for your support!

New to dystopian? Here is a recomended reading list from Elana:

The Giver, Lois Lowry

Birthmarked, Caragh M. O’Brian

Matched, Ally Condie

Divergent, Veronica Roth

Delirium, Lauren Oliver

Maze Runner, James Dashner

Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Carrie Ryan

Uglies, Scott Westerfeild


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6 responses to “WS 32: Elana Johnson 2 YA Dystopian

  • John D. Payne

    This may just be me, but I am hearing last week’s podcast instead of a new one.

  • LJ

    Great podcast about Dystopian Fiction! I loved it! Such a fun genre. I read the Giver as a kid, loved it. I really enjoyed The Hunger Games too. I like that they have the potential to be very dark. So many emotional themes that can stem from that.

  • Dan

    Dystopian stories always seem very gripping, but you tend to want something happy to happen for your protagonists… it seems it is not in the cards and that is what makes it dys vs. u. Either way the podcast is grand as per usual and thanks for everyone who came together to make it happen

  • John D. Payne

    My favorite part of dystopian fiction is imagining how society might otherwise work.

  • Alex

    I enjoy seeing the different way an author can imagine the world to be. Skinned (same author as Uglies??- which I haven’t read) gave an interesting twist at the end of the series. I love unexpected and even unresolved distopian worlds.

    The real world doesn’t always give you a happy ending. Why should all our novels?

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