Writing and Publishing Around the Web: December 2011

Here are some of my favorite articles on writing and publishing since the end of November. I’ll be back with more lists in the New Year!

First up, a practical Social Media Survival Guide by author Jenn Reese.

Author James Alan Gardner provides some helpful guidelines for designing scenes and shares thoughts on scene beginnings and endings.

Agent Mary Kole shares Some Thoughts on Revision, particularly in regards to when to query.

Author Bob Mayer has some interesting comments on how to choose What to Write.

Author Louise Marley teaches us more about using Alternate History and Historical Fiction in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Author Janice Hardy shares helpful articles on Combining Scenes for Dramatic Punch and writing Slice of Life Stories.

Author Juliette Wade shares some insights on the current fluctuations in the publishing industry and artistic vision.

Author Ash Krafton shares some of the Numbers Games we have to play when writing and querying, and suggestions on how to use Strong Language to create a strong story.

Author Nathan Bransford teaches us how to Network Without Networking, and discusses How Art Changes With Us as we progress through our lives.

Writer Misty Massey opens a discussion on methods of backing up your work.

Author Elana Johnson shares some insightful thoughts on what she’s learned about herself six months after publishing her debut novel.

Author/commentator R.L. Copple blogs about what happens when Self-Publishing Goes Wrong.

Author Chris Eboch shares advice on how to Show, not Tell, Emotion.

Author Hilary Wagner shows off her real rejection letters and shares a message of hope.

Writer Stina Lindenblatt shares a lesson on how to write Killer Loglines.

Author Anne R. Allen lists 22 Things for New Bloggers to Avoid.

Agent Rachelle Gardner talks about Following the Market or Following Your Heart.

Editor Stacy Whitman talks about how to avoid using the trope of the “Magic Negro” when writing diverse characters.

Author Patricia C. Wrede talks about writing Too many, too much when it comes to writing plots and point of view characters.

Finally, author/editor Annette Lyon shares ideas on how to improve your focus when writing.

Enjoy the articles, and Happy New Year!

About Jocelyn Nash Carlin, Writer

Jocelyn Nash Carlin writes speculative fiction for children and adults. She also co-hosts the Writing Snippets podcast and blog at www.WritingSnippets.com. View all posts by Jocelyn Nash Carlin, Writer

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