Artist Michael Phipps on website design

In this podcast, Artist Michael Phipps talks about the ins and outs of building a website: design, creation, what differentiates an amateur from a professional, and more. Listen to learn what he says about whether or not to build one yourself, and find out why he started a blog, even though he jokingly says he hates blogging. You can find out more about him on his cool website with moving pictures at: and go to his blog at:
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Jimmy Fincher

Download (right click and go to “save link as” to download)

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5 responses to “Artist Michael Phipps on website design

  • Dan

    I will be the first to admit that everyone has their own level of ability when it comes to certain tasks, and i wholeheartedly agree that when you find you are out of your depth you should hire the services of another… Keeps the ball rolling for everyone, right?
    Thanks for the tidbits everyone!

  • rsmithing

    I am truly looking forward to hearing this! I was just on a podcast myself this week discussing this very topic. It’s not for everyone, and isn’t mandatory, but blogging or having a site can (as you know) have its benefits. I actually link to your post here at my site:

    I’d really like to know your perspective in the comments there if you would care to share.Thanks!

  • rsmithing

    As a follow up, I’d absolutely agree with the approach of working within your strengths. On one hand, if you can outsource or are truly up for the learning/research experience, then taking some time to build chops can make sense. On the other, going the route of WordPress vs. starting in Flash absolutely makes sense for someone just looking to get a site started.

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