Writing and Publishing Around the Web: January 2012

Here’s the articles from around the internet that I found the most interesting this past month.

Author Anne R. Allen shares her interesting path to publication in Confessions of a Former Query Addict, and also shares some great advice on Hooks, Loglines, and Pitches.

Author Joanna Weiss talks about her choice to self-publish in The Stages of Indie Publishing.

For another take on self-publishing, author Danyelle Leafty shares her thoughts here.

Author Janice Hardy opened the year with a discussion on Reevaluating Your Writing Process. She also wrote a helpful article on Making Backstory Work for You.

Author Bryan Thomas Schmidt shares his insights into Adapting a Well Known Story For Fiction.

Author Dawn Lairamore asks the question: Does Word Count Matter Anymore in middle grade fiction?

Writer Dee Garretson shares a helpful Chapter Worksheet for use during revision.

The BBC published an interesting article on self-publishing and entrepreneurship.

Author Ash Krafton lists some of the many “rights” that business-minded writers need to be aware of when The Hobby Becomes the Job.

Author Richard Parks shares a subversively inspiring commentary on The Downside of Persistence.

Editor Stacy Whitman shares a wonderful article on Writing Cross-Culturally.

Author Paul Greci shares some tips for Micro-level Revision once the major plot/character arc revisions are complete.

Author Patricia C. Wrede rants about Misunderstanding grammar, discussing when using “to be” is perfectly appropriate, and how sometimes the passive voice is the right choice.

Author Lynn Viehl talks about Collecting Characters from your observations of people around you.

Agent Jenny Bent talks about Why Reader Taste Differs from Publisher Taste.

The Huffington Post published an article of warning on Why Self Publishing Authors Are a Target For Conmen.

Finally, author Amy Rose Davis talks about Finding the Sweet Spot for Description in Fantasy Writing.

Share your own favorite articles in the comments.

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One response to “Writing and Publishing Around the Web: January 2012

  • Alice

    Ooh, those all look really interesting. I’m seeing a lot of info out there lately about indie publishing. I’m going to have to read these. Thanks for the links!

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