Writing and Publishing Around the Web: February 2012

Here’s some of the great writing and publishing info I found online in the month of February:

Agent Kristin Nelson offers a five-part “talking-head” video series answering the questions on YA and Middle Grade fiction that she is asked most frequently at conferences: Fridays with Agent Kristin.

Writer Elissa Cruz shares an interview with editor Eve Adler on the World of Licensed Characters and Work-for-Hire in children’s literature.

Author Janice Hardy gives us a 3 part series on non-traditional antagonists: The Faceless Villain: What to do When your Bad Guy Isn’t a Person, There is No Bad Guy: What to do when your Antagonist Isn’t a Villain, and You Can Fight Mama Nature: What to do when Your Antagonist is Nature Herself.

Author Patricia C. Wrede launches an ongoing multi-part series on The Business of Writing.

Author Dean Wesley Smith shared an in-depth article on Pen Names.

Editor/Author Jon Gingerich lists 20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes.

The Author’s Guild published an interesting article: Publishing’s Ecosystem on the Brink: The Backstory.

Author A.J. Hartley talks about Varying Sentence Length.

Author Gennifer Albin discusses MacGuffins: Using Them Effectively.

For those of you writing historical or medieval fantasy stories, here is a handy list of Medieval Occupations.

Agent Mary Kole shares 10 questions to ask when offered representation, and Questions you might be asked when offered representation.

Agent Rachelle Gardner lists 13 Ways to Impress an Agent and 6 Reasons for Writers to Be Optimistic.

Editor Alan Rinzler shares an article on Why Writers Need Agents: 4 pros weigh in.

Author Ruth Harris shares 8 Tips for Turning “Real Life” into Bestselling Fiction.

Author David B. Coe writes about Transitions and Chapter Breaks.

Author S.C. Butler writes about the problem of Too Many POVs.

Editor/Author C.S. Lakin shares thoughts on the importance of plotting in layers.

Finally, author Chris Eboch provides some handy Plot and Character Exercises.

by Jocelyn

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