The Best of Writing and Publishing Around the Web: March 2012

This is a little late in coming, but here are some of my favorite writing and publishing links for the month of March.

Author Janice Hardy talks about how to use critique feedback in your revision process.

Author R.L. Copple asks the question: Can you rewrite voice?

Author/Editor Annette Lyon talks about how Shorter is Often Sweeter when writing dialog.

Author Sherwood Smith talks about Process Narration–or when writers inadvertently write their experience of writing into their work.

Agent Micheal Bourret and editor Molly O’Neill have a two part conversation on Everything you ever wanted to know about middle grade… and were willing to ask. Part 1, Part 2.

Agent Mary Kole talks about what sorts of character obstacles don’t work well.

Author Mike Winchell reflects on the author’s struggle to make time to write.

Author Juliette Wade shares some tips for writing action sequences, and starts a useful discussion on using and making maps for your writing.

Author Darcy Pattison talks about cutting up your story’s timeline, and asks: when are you finished with your revision?

Editor Angela James lists 10 things authors should know about Twitter.

Author Talia Vance talks about the times when Revision means Rewriting.

Agent Rachelle Gardner answers the question: What’s an Author-Agent agreement?

Author/Editor Susan J. Morris writes about Making People Laugh: the secret art of funny fiction.

Author Anne R. Allen talks about when an author should hire an editor, and how to avoid scams.

Author Mary Lindsey shares tips for how to secure online reviews for your book.

I hope some of these articles can be useful to you as you navigate your own writing journeys. Enjoy!

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