Survey Part 2

Many people look at what is being sold right now and write by that standard. However, even if your book were sold today, it would be published 1 to 2 years down the line when everything may have changed.

I tend to write what I want, and hang the market. I write because I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop. If I have to write for myself, so be it.

On the other hand, I need to make a living…

So part 2 of the survey I started last month.

Writing for the Market:

1    Are you willing to write what the “market” wants?

2    How do you decide what the market wants?

3    Do you question whether publishers want your work because of what is selling right now?

4    Have you ever been tempted to start writing only for yourself because what you write “will never sell”?


7 responses to “Survey Part 2

  • alicebeesley

    I try to write what I like, but I look at the market to see if there’s a trend in something I might like to write and hone my story for the market For instance, I like doing fairy tale retellings, but since the paranormal market was so big, I set it in modern days and did sort of a Beauty and the Beast angle.

  • Lauren

    And looks like I forgot to post my answers at the bottom!

    No, N/A, Yes, Yes

  • Mark L Forman

    I seem to be the opposite of Lauren, which seems strange. Yes, I’m willing to write what the market wants, if only the market would talk to me. N/A for how do I find out what the market wants, as it won’t talk to me.
    No, I find it best not to question publishers too closely; they start to get nervous when you do that. No, I’m not tempted to start writing only for myslef, because I hope everything will eventually sell.

    O.K. so I write for myself anyway, but with two things in mind. First, I need to write, I can’t stop just because the “market” isn’t interested. Second, I believe that a well written story will sell no matter what the market is thinking or doing at the present moment.

  • Mark L Forman

    The question was am I willing to write what the market wants, not do I write what the market wants. Markets are fickle things, so write what you want and the market will come around.

  • Lauren

    So you don’t write for the market, but you trust that eventually the market will want what you write. Not that different–just another angle.

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