Writing and Publishing Around the Web: April 2012

Here’s the monthly round up of some favorite articles on writing and publishing on the web this April.

Author Janice Hardy shares a genre breakdown to help you figure out where your story fits in, and talks about times when your characters make misleading assumptions. She also outlines a helpful method for analyzing first drafts before revising.

Author Bryan Thomas Schmidt shares 8 Copyediting Tips For Writers.

Author Anne R. Allen tells us Why You Should Be Writing Short Fiction.

In a related article, author Angie Smilbert tells how how to submit a short story.

Agent Rachelle Gardner gives us 6 Reasons Authors Self-Publish, and follows up with 6 Reasons Authors Still Want Publishers. She also shares great tips for How to Cut Thousands of Words Without Shedding a Tear.

Author Carrie Ryan talks about Distinguishing Between Plot and Premise.

Author Misty Massey provides a helpful rundown of Tenses and Persons.

Author Nathan Bransford lists Ten Commandments for Editing Someone’s Work. He also gives us the Top 5 Social Media Blunders You Shouldn’t Make.

Author Elana Johnson tells us to Market Smarter, Not Harder.

Author James Alan Gardner gives us Fight Scene Basics.

Author Patricia C. Wrede gives tips for what to do when you feel like you’re Out of Ideas, and discusses differentiating your characters through dialog.

Author Kate Fall provides a handy review of Punctuating Dialog Tags.

Agent Kristin Nelson offers up The Criterion For Evaluating An Agent, and answers the question: How Do You Know If An Agent is A Good Agent?

In an interview, author Ash Krafton talks about How To Approach Publishers Directly.

Author Kristine Kathryn Rusch talks about what it really means to have an Audience in the business of writing.

Author Gail Carson Levine talks about how, when and why to incorporate Backstory.

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