Podcast: Introducing Author Mette Harrison

In this, our first in a series of interviews with YA fantasy author Mette Harrison, she discusses how she became an author and some of the books she’s written, including her very first story ever in kindergarten about a rainbow colored dragon. Comment on any of Mette’s interviews for the chance to win her newest book, Tris and Izzie.

author mette harrison
(Our own Alice Beesley with Mette Harrison)

Download here (right click and select “save link as”)

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2 responses to “Podcast: Introducing Author Mette Harrison

  • wordwritingmaster

    Very cool podcast. I liked the whole whipped cream story – a lot. Actually, it made me a bit hungry. It’s amazing, really, how many times every author at one point or another has been rejected or told to pursue other fields. The only ones who make it are the ones who keep going; no matter what. I’m going to have to look up these books and read them. I quite like fairy-tale rewrites.

    Very intriguing, this interview. I’ll be looking forward to future ones! Thanks.

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