Cindy Hogan on Writing Suspense

Join us for author Cindy M. Hogan’s second podcast interview with us on Suspense. She talks about her formula for writing suspense, discusses the differences between suspense and thrillers, and explains some of the sub-genres of suspense as well as a few subtle differences in MG, YA, and adult suspense novels. Remember to comment on one of her interviews to be entered in the drawing to win a signed copy of her book Watched. Learn more about Cindy and her books at her blog.

Download here (right click and select “save link as” to download)


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2 responses to “Cindy Hogan on Writing Suspense

  • Chas Hathaway

    Totally sign me up for the contest! What a great episode. Can’t wait to read Cindy’s book.
    I also loved the previous episode about self publishing. So fascinating!

    I’m totally with you guys where you talked about avoiding reading stuff outside the genre of the book you’re reading. I write middle grade fantasy, and now my LDS nonfiction is starting to lean middle grade, too, since I’m trying to read in my fiction genre, but still writing the nonfiction. I guess my mind is just 12 or something.

    • Alice

      I would have agreed with only reading in your genre until I started reading The Poisonwood Bible. It’s so well-written that I think I need to stop reading YA because I write like a lot of the YA I read, which pales in comparison. The writer makes even the simplest, most mundane topics fascinating and theres so much depth to the story. I want to write like that!

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