Book Hooks with M.L. Forman

One of our favorite guests and long-time friend of Writing Snippets, author Mark “M.L.” Forman joined us for another interview, Yeah! In this one he talks about hooks in books and how to bait our reader to draw them in and keep them reading. Listen to find out what a hook is, how to write one, where to place them, what makes a good/bad hook, and different kids of hooks. And comment on his interview for a chance to win one or more of his Adventurers Wanted books or audio books. Share your own hook idea and we’ll enter your name in our drawing twice!

Download here (right click and select “save link as” to download”)

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30 responses to “Book Hooks with M.L. Forman

  • Ana @ BookSpark

    I am not a writer, but even as a reader, this was fascinating stuff!

  • Chas Hathaway

    Awesome! Great podcast. I would LOVE to win the new Adventures Wanted book on CD! It’s an amazing series so far. Okay, here’s my little MG Fantasy story beginning:

    “You sure you’re ready for this?” came the voice from Naya’s necklace.
    What kind of question was that? She could be dead within the hour—or she could advance her training further than any fourteen-year-old ever had. “Of course not. But that’s not really the point, is it?”
    “No. No it’s not. Just remember all you’ve learned. You’ll do great.”
    Naya smiled, though she knew the voice on the other end couldn’t see her face. “Thanks, Granite.”
    But her smile immediately vanished when the click of her necklace told her that her friend was now completely unreachable until this was over. Her communication, her escape, her any chance to back out of this, was now nothing more than emerald on a white-gold chain.

  • Lauren Ritz

    Too bad I can’t win… 😦 Very sad. He’s fun to interview, and we must be doing something right because he keeps coming back!


  • Devon

    Mark love the books keep them comeing, i love ready and being hooked, and i really enjoy haveing multiple questions to things befor any of them get answered

  • ladyofnarnia

    Mark is a great guy! Thanks for the interview and hook info. I’d love to win his books!

  • Devon Mortensen

    great interview

  • Mark L Forman

    Hey, It’s been awhile since we did this one. I’ve posted on facebook about the give-away, and I’ll put it up on the blog as well. A few quick people have commented on difficulty posting, something about waiting for approval or for their account to be allowed or something? Keep an eye on that if you would be so kind.

    As for Chas’ entry, I count 6 hooks in this small bit, how many do you see?

  • Martin R. Braime

    Good podcast. The moment I heard the challenge to create a hook, I pulled my car to the curb and started typing on my cell phone. Here’s my attempt:

    I never learned how to bait a hook. What was the point? Being a first year associate at Schuster, Warley, and Taft meant that I never needed to know; after all, a welcome meal was simply a fifty story elevator ride down to the commissary. (And a tight skirt and loose blouse could usually get one of the junior partners to pick up my meal – I never learned to have scruples, either.) But now that my life depends on it, I wish I had learned how to bait a hook, or at the very least where to dig up bait.

    • alicebeesley

      Martin, I love that you used baiting a hook as a hook for your book hook and i’m impressed that you just pulled over to the side of the road and wrote this so quickly. Good luck with the contest. We’ll announce the date for revealing the winners with the next podcast interview with Mark that we post next week.

  • Devon Mortensen

    sign me up for the give away, and i have to agree with mark that catcher in the rye is aaaaaaa not my cup of tea.

  • cameron jamison

    I love the series and would love to have any of the books in an audio book format!!
    It was a dark night, and Jason was waiting for Kat to show up. Only she could tell him what he needed to know.
    He heard a noise behind him, and whipped around while drawing his sword out to find himself face to face with her.
    “Took you long enough,” said Jason, annoyed.
    “Look, it isn’t safe here, I was tracked by Jenna’s pet crocodiles,” she explained.
    “Would it be safe in the bakery?” Jason inquired.
    “Safe as we’re going to get,” she replied, dashing off.

  • Morraticus

    How do I even enter the giveaway?

    • Lauren

      “Comment on his interview for a chance to win one or more of his Adventurers Wanted books or audio books. Share your own hook idea and we’ll enter your name in our drawing twice!”

  • Haley

    Love your books mark, you are definitely one of the top 3 on my favorite author list 🙂

    His heart raced as he trekked down the mountain, the attack had been so many hours ago,there was no way his family could have hidden fast enough. As he finally reached the village, all he could do was sink to his knees in despair; houses were in pieces and there was no living soul within sight. His family was laying dead before him.

  • JediMama

    I stumbled upon your first book on I downloaded it to my Kindle and was HOOKED. I read all three of the Adventurer’s Wanted books in the space of 4 days and am now eagerly awaiting the next book to find out what Alex’s next adventure/quest will be. I’m a school teacher and can’t wait to share your books with my students when school starts up next week.

  • Kevin

    I love the Adventures Wanted books. i have read all of them and every time a new one comes out i re read the other ones. Here is the beginning of a book that i started writing about a year ago.

    “What to do what to do” Jason said to him self quietly. Just about now all the people on the streets were quickly disappearing.
    “Give me your money that’s what you should do” said a strange cracking voice as he entered a tunnel. Jason turned around to see a man with long black hair, scarred face, arched nose, and baggy torn up clothes and he was pointing a gun at Jason’s chest.
    “I don’t have any money with me,” said Jason with a shaky voice. “I’ll even show you,” reaching into his back pocket he pulled out his wallet. When he opened it up there wasn’t even a dollar within it. “I don’t have a job and my step dad never gives me any money.”
    “Shut up,” said the man, then swore under his breath.
    “No I have just as much right to speak as you do.”
    “I said shut the hell up!” screamed the man then pulled the trigger of his gun. Jason closed his eyes put his hands in front of his face and prepared for the impact. Then he felt the bullet hit his right hand moving very slowly as if every thing in the world had gone into slow motion. However, he felt no pain what so ever. Jason opened his eyes and saw the bullet on the ground. He looked up at the man and he was as white as a ghost mouth open and staring in disbelief. He shot again this time Jason didn’t move and he saw the bullet slow down, crumble against chest, and fall to the ground. “I’m getting the hell out a here,” screamed the man, as he bolted down the block and out of site as quickly as possible.

  • Kayla Mckinney

    This is the first time I have ever made a comment, so I hope I’m doing it right. My family loves the adventurers wanted book my nephews read it 3 times in one month. so heres my hook.
    Run, just keep runing don’t stop don’t look back just run. My heart is pounding so bad it feels like it will break out of my cheast. My lungs are going to explode and my legs could fall off, but I have to keep runing. Its so dark I can’t see where I am going but that means they can’t see me. Where can I go nowhere that I know is safe for me now.

  • Will

    Asolen Ferdinan had no intention of ever getting an apprentice. Of course, the blacksmith hadn’t any real need of one before now either. Wars were fought, treaties signed, and still age managed to creep up on him during the eve of each night. It was this realization which led him to Levura, the home of Cathon Lenos.
    The blacksmith’s work was praised adequately enough but year after year, as the peace invoked by the treaties flourished his services became less in demand. He barely survived on the commission from inventory he’d sold during prior seasons. Asolen longed for the success he’d had throughout wars—haggling with the king’s consults rather than local merchants and noblemen. His majesty not only paid better, but also placed larger orders.
    The vast land of Caruth is home to many strange festivals and customs, but the one that drew the most attention was the annual tradition of parents auctioning their children—much like slaves—into apprenticeships. This is how the blacksmith found his apprentice. He’d wandered hopelessly for hours, inspecting unfit candidates before stumbling upon Cathon.

  • Dan

    The unspoken thought is considered the greatest secret one can hold. Locked within the sanctuary of your mind, you have the opportunity to process and refine your ideas, plans, and desires with no consideration of intrusion. Ben’s greatest gift was that he could travel freely upon those hallowed grounds.

    A pleasure as always Mark, cheers to you and the Writing snippets crew

  • Daim

    I love the adventurer’s wanted books. I’ve read them like 50 time. please pick me.

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