Writing Snippets Classics: World Building 101

This classic Writing Snippets podcast, first posted in January 2011, features Jocelyn, Lilly, Alice, Ava and Lauren discussing the basics of world building in your writing.

Download Here (right click and select “save link as” to download)

(about 22 min)

The authors and books mentioned in this episode:

Robyn Mckinley

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Lois McMaster Bujold

Scott Westerfeld

Grace Lin


Lois Lowry

Jim Butcher

Suzanne Collins

Shannon Hale

Chaim Potok

Jan and Stan Berenstain


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One response to “Writing Snippets Classics: World Building 101

  • lexacain

    World-building is so important, although more for SF/F than for most of the other genres. I prefer “atmosphere.” In my Horror novels I may not make up setting/worlds, but I do my best to describe them with as much tone and originality as possible.
    Keep up the podcasts! 🙂

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