Podcast interview: Author Heather Ostler talks about networking

In this episode, we talk to debut author Heather Ostler. Her YA paranormal, The Shapeshifter’s Secret, was released over the summer, and she also happens to be a good friend of the Writing Snippets crew.

In this interview she talks about her experiences networking prior to the sale and release of her book. Comment below to enter a drawing to win a signed copy of her book!

To learn more about Heather, you can visit her blog.

Finally, we are aware that we’ve been slow in announcing the winners of our last two drawings. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we’re working to get that announcement made as soon as possible! Thanks for your patience.

Now here’s the interview!

Download here. (right click and select “save link as” to download)

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9 responses to “Podcast interview: Author Heather Ostler talks about networking

  • cameron jamison

    Thanks for the info, those are great methods

  • Terri Dion

    I read snd reviewed an arc ecopy of this book snd would LOVE a signed copy for my library. I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed.♥

    • Writing Snippets

      Terri, we announced you as the winner of a signed copy of Shapeshifter’s Secret a few weeks ago, and haven’t heard back. This is your last chance to collect your prize. Email us with shipping info at writingsnippets @ gmail .com
      You have 1 week.

  • Alyssa Susanna

    Gah, having downloading problems. I will try back tomorrow – my computer is a little slow right now. OH WAIT NOW I GOT IT!!!! Heather, that is exactly how I thought your voice would sound like in my head (not that I go around fantasizing about what authors’ voices sound like). Nice tips! I love following author blog tours as well. It must be a great feeling to support a fellow author on their blog tour.

    Thanks for the interview! And giveaway I see, thank you and good luck everyone! 🙂

  • kylee

    These are very helpful tips. I am curious to know where I can start looking for places to submit short stories? I have some already written, and I am clueless as to where to start sending them. Any starting point or list of places would be incredibly helpful! Thanks for the info and also for the giveaway.

    • Writing Snippets

      Thanks for your interest, Kylee. One of the best places to look for short story markets is the website: https://duotrope.com/

      It is a searchable database of hundreds of different fiction and poetry markets. It lets you search for places to sell your work based on genre, word count, the type of pay you are hoping to receive and several other criteria. If you subscribe, it also provides a submission tracking service to help you keep track of where you submit and when, as well as giving you estimates as to when you might hear back.

      In my opinion Duotrope is the very best place to get started submitting short fiction. Best of luck!


  • Christy

    Oh, this looks great, how come I haven’t seen it yet? Shapeshifters, yes.

  • kylee

    Thank you!! That is a wonderful resource! Have a wonderful day. 🙂

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