Book Drawing Winners!

Once again we’d like to apologize for the lateness of this post. We made a few organizational flubs, but we’ve sorted through them and now we’re collectively kicking ourselves in the backsides and working hard to get things sorted out. We promise not to let this happen again!

So, without further ado – the winners!

Winners of our many prizes related to Mark L. Forman’s “Adventurer’s Wanted” series are:


We’re trying to contact you privately, but the fastest way to get your prizes is to email us your shipping info at right away! Normally we’d give winners 1 week to respond, but since we’ve kept you waiting, you can keep us waiting, too. We’ll give all winners 2 weeks to contact us with shipping info before passing the prize along to another commenter. Be sure to mention “Adventurer’s Wanted” prize in your email.

And the winner of “Variant” by Robison Wells is: Kristy G. Stewart.

Again, send your shipping info to and we’ll send you your book. Be sure to mention “Variant” prize in your email.

Thanks for participating, and we hope you enjoy your prizes.


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