by Ava Mylne

I’ve been praying for rain.

In a semi-arid climate, sometimes it gets so dry that the heat reflecting off the bricks of my home makes it almost impossible to keep things alive. Sometimes we get a good rain and my plants look visibly happier, but usually I have to drag out the hose and do it by hand. I also love the sun. Sources close to me have, on occasion, called me “solar-powered”.

I’ve discovered I write in the same way. Sometimes I can’t sleep for the stories running manic circles in my head, and other times I can go months without wanting to even check my e-mail.

I’m in a dry spell right now. How do I sit down and meet my writing goals when there is nothing in my head to write? When I don’t even want to write? When those times come, I find myself panicking, thinking, “Are there no more stories left for me to write? I something I love so much just over?”

So often I have seen friends do something they enjoy until it becomes a chore instead of a love, and it would break my heart if I ceased to love writing. I am also—fortunately–not in the position of having agents or editors breathing down my neck for the next installment. I have friends in that position as well. Is it blasphemous to say that right now I’m not sorry to be unpublished?

I’ve heard this state of literary inaction called “recharging”, and I have to agree with that assessment. I still love my stories. I still get way too excited about my characters, and talk about them ad nauseum to long-suffering friends and family. My characters still live and breathe in my head. But for now I won’t panic. I’ll just recharge. It’s part of the writing process. I’ll enjoy the dry spell in my head, and I’ll enjoy the heat of the sun, and when the rain comes back to douse my whole soul in limitless words, I’ll enjoy that too. And if enough time goes by, maybe I’ll get out the hose and do it by hand.

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5 responses to “Recharging

  • bethfred08

    I have a story i want to write. Just not the motivation to do it. Although, I think that will be better when some things that are up in the air get settled.

  • Nichole

    Cute. I love rain too. Wish we had more of it here.

  • M.L. Forman

    I have a problem with this long term “Recharging” idea. Oh, I’ve been there, I’ve had those long dry spells where nothing seem like it’s worth the trouble to write, but there is a problem. If you are not writing, if you are not, (sorry) Working at it, how will it ever get done? Inspiration has a hard time finding you when you’re not at your keyboard. Yes, we all need to take some time off now and then. Take a day, take two, heck it’s been a hard month, take a week off and then get back in there and start writing even if you don’t think you have anything to say. More than a week away and your skills start to rust up, your mind starts to slow down, and your muse may think you’ve won the lotto and are living on a island somewhere. Writing is work, don’t ever let anyone tell you different. It’s a job, and you have to keep at it until the job is done.

    • Ava

      You are so right, Mark. My problem right now is that there are so many other things I want to do. I’m taking an architectural drafting class at school, building my own virtual “Thistleheart Manor”. (Thistleheart is a house in one of my stories). The gardening analogy was no random thought. I’m one of those wackos who loves to mow the lawn in neat parallel lines, plant flowers everywhere and build playhouses and greenhouses and garden boxes and trellises and…I could go on for hours. Inspiration for me comes in so many forms and so many levels. It’s all work, and I love it all.

    • alice

      I agree with Mark, although I’m taking a little writing hiatus right now. I’m still doing writerly things like researching agents and reading and critiquing other people’s work, but I know I need to get back to it soon or like Mark says, I’ll start to rust up.

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