Writing Snippets Classics: Revision

In this classic podcast, first posted in May 2011, the Writing Snippets Crew discusses how we revise our novels (or don’t in some cases). We also touch briefly on the difference between short story, poetry and article revisions. Please note – the giveaway mentioned in this podcast is closed.

(about 23min.)

Download here (Right click and select “save link as” to download)


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One response to “Writing Snippets Classics: Revision

  • Chas Hathaway

    Great episode! I loved the discussion on the different ways you guys revise–and draft. I’ve always had a hard time quantifying exactly what I do. I guess I could call myself a discovery plotter. I don’t like to write a full outline. In fact, other than writing a few reminders, I don’t write much of anything. That said, the whole plot, scene by scene, is usually in my head until it’s laid down in the roughdraft. And though it changes a little during writing, it pretty much comes out as I planned it.
    The fun thing about that is since I know where I’m headed next, I can just have fun with the characters, discovering their next moves, with the idea that they’re working toward the next plot point.
    My biggest problem is climaxes (which is weird, I guess). I almost always have to go back and completely cut out the climax and rewrite it from scratch. Not sure why that is, but it always comes out better the second time around.

    Anyway, loved the show! I’m glad to see more episodes coming again!

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