Alice Beesley


Alice Beesley grew up in Washington State. She now resides in Utah with her husband of twenty years, her three children—two teenage daughters and a son, and a schnoodle named Kizzy. She has a bachelor’s degree in writing from Brigham Young University and is now pursuing her dream of being a writer by day, while teaching English as a Second Language at night.

So far, she has published around thirty stories and poems in magazines. Several of her short stories and novels have placed in League of Utah Writer’s contests, and Dutton Children’s Books and Tu Books are currently considering one of her novels. When she’s not writing or reading, she enjoys playing guitar, cross-country skiing, and hiking and camping with her family.

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Revised Query letter

Dear agent,

I am seeking representation for my 50,000-word YA paranormal romance novel, MYSTIC MOUND—a modern day Beauty and the Beast tale. MYSTIC MOUND may appeal to those who love fairytale retellings such as Shannon Hale’s GOOSE GIRL and paranormal romances like Stephanie Meyer’s TWILIGHT.

When eighteen-year-old Mindy Cooper inherits her estranged father’s mountain cabin, the last things she expects to find there are: clues that he might still be alive, a tantalizingly mysterious guy—who isn’t completely human, and signs of Bigfoot lurking in the nearby woods.

If she had known, she might not have gone. Then she wouldn’t have learned about the murders and found the treasure map. She wouldn’t have lost her heart to a boy who wants to eat her heart out—literally. And her best friend Krista, who goes with her, wouldn’t have gone missing, too.

Mindy’s only hope of solving the mystery and finding her father and her best friend alive, is to enter the caves below an ancient Indian burial mound on the property—even though it’s against the law and she’s claustrophobic. To complicate things, someone, or something, is trying to scare her away—but she’s not about to let anything stop her.

The story takes some sharp twists and turns in a series of tunnels below the burial mound that lead to another dimension and a cursed treasure guarded by a legendary beast. Mindy has to break the curse to save those she loves before it’s too late—or risk losing them forever.

I teach English as a Second Language and have a degree in writing from Brigham Young University. I have published over thirty short stories, poems, and articles in magazines, and an editor is currently interested in one of my novels.

I would love to send you my full manuscript of MYSTIC MOUND at your request. Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Alice L. Beesley

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