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Scrivener (Lillian’s Favorite writing program)

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Writing in UTAH:

LTUE Life the Universe and Everything

LDS StoryMakers

*The Blue Quill Chapter of the League of Utah Writers covers Weber County, Utah; including Ogden, Roy, Riverdale, and West Haven. We aim to provide a writing resource for local writers to have their work read, critiqued, and informed among peers. We welcome all writing genres, story types, and authors. If you love to write, and meet people in the writing community, check out Blue Quill, and the League of Utah Writers.

3 responses to “Resources for Writers

  • Todd

    I just found your first podcast on iTunes. Thanks for doing the blog and podcast. I’m looking forward to more!


  • mrdavidnorman

    I found your podcast today via a link placed in the Writing Excuses comments a couple of years ago. I’m always looking for more blogs and podcasts like these, so I am pretty excited to spend some time over the next couple of weeks perusing your backlog, as it were. Just wanted to add, I wish I had found out about Scrivener before paying twice as much for Dramatica, although Dramatica improved my writing immensely. Anyway, thanks for the hard work you all have put into this site, I’ll be around. 🙂

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