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Survey Part 1

I started reading on an adult level almost as soon as I started reading. By age seven I had discarded the children’s books at the library and was reading almost entirely adult books. (At the age of ten I was shocked to realize that there was a section in the library for older children, what would now be considered YA. My fascination lasted about a week.)

Even then, the bookshelves were crowded with things I don’t want to read. I ran into a lot of things I wasn’t prepared for and didn’t understand. I don’t want to have to worry about this happening when another child picks up one of my books.

At this point, most of what is published (I won’t way “written” because many things are written but not published) is in the category that I would hesitate to purchase, if only because my nieces and nephews peruse my bookshelves. Sex, profanity, and graphic violence seem to be pervasive.

I know there is a market out there for “clean” adult fiction. I know it because I’ve talked to people who have told me so, and I would purchase more books if I could be certain they were safe for a child who picked them up (even if they wouldn’t understand the themes).

So here are my questions. 

1   Would you read more books if they were clean (by the above definition)?

2   Would you buy more books if you didn’t have to worry about your children / siblings / nieces and nephews finding them on your book shelf?

3    Do you hide some books because you don’t want people to know you’re reading that?

4    Do you buy e-books because you can lock (or hide) your e-reader?

5    Do you ever alter what you write (or not write certain topics) because someone you know might read it?

My answers:  Yes, Yes, Yes, Would if I had one, Yes