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Wordplay Podcast

Wordplay http://www.wordplaypodcast.com/

Wordplay is a new podcast you should check out. Jeff Scott Savage has teamed up with Nathan Bransford and James Dashner to help you. Here is what they say about themselves,

“Welcome to Wordplay, a weekly podcast for readers and writers of all ages. In our twenty minute episodes, we discuss any and all topics related to writing and reading books. The third episode of every month is dedicated specifically to kids ages eight and up. Teachers, librarians, and parents are invited to share the episodes with their students and try the activities we introduce.”

Go and give them some love- especially while we are working out our own kinks.

Writing Snippets Episode One: Writer New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to Writing Snippets!
Join your hosts Alice, Ava, Jocelyn, Lauren, Lilly, and Nichole in our first podcast as we discuss our Writing New Year’s Resolutions. We will explore why resolutions haven’t worked in the past, and tips on how we can succeed. Write your own resolutions in the comments below and add them to ours. We will track them throughout the year as we go on the 2011 journey together. And as always, no words were harmed in the making of this podcast.
Writer New Year’s Resolutions


****Leave a comment about your New Years Writing Resolutions to be entered in the drawing to win a Writer’s Digest Writing Planner. The winner will be announced on Monday, Jan. 31st.