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The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA)

Entries begin on January 23rd and you can enter until February 5th unless they reach 5000 entries by that date.  They will accept up to 5000 entries in two separate categories, general fiction and young adult fiction.

See the official rules at http://www.amazon.com/abna, but basically it’s a contest for novels between 50,000 and 150,000 words that have not been previously published. Self-published is OK if you have all the rights.

Submit your entry at http://www.CreateSpace.com/abna.

LTUE with James Dashner as the keynote speaker

Hi everyone! We had a blast at the 2011 LTUE (life the universe and everything) conference in Provo, Utah. James Dashner was the keynote speaker and he did a fantastic job keeping everyone entertained. Most of the Writing Snippets Crew have known James since he started on this journey and it is great seeing an author gain so much success in such a short time period. Not to mention he is charming and fun to hang out with- not that he has much time for that anymore.ltue James Dashner Here are three of our Crew with him, Alice Beesley, James Dashner, Lillian J. Banks and Nichole Jarnagin.

Keynote speaker 2011 LTUEHere is James giving his speech to all the writers. I love to hear an author’s journey, and he did a fantastic job. Back when James had the time to do so, he visited our writer’s group and helped critique. I love author’s who share their time and talents and give back to the aspiring writing community like that. James, you Rock! We wish you much success and then some 🙂  Here is his blog James Dashner. Read his book Maze Runner before the movie comes out 🙂

Dan Wells, Howard Taylor, David Wolverton / Farland, Tracy HickmanThey had a live recording of Writing Excuses Podcast. They were very entertaining and fun. Tracy Hickman, Dan Wells, Howard Taylor, David Wolverton / Farland seen here.

If you haven’t heard of them, go and check them out: www.writingexcuses.com Dan Wells is our group favorite, but we are biased. He visited our writer’s group last year, helped critique and had us all cracking up. This was after I am Not a Serial Killer came out in England, but not in the states yet so he was not as busy. We screwed up though and did not feed him bacon 😦 Another awesome writer giving back to the community 🙂

Lisa Mangum was there and a slew of other fabulously gifted writer’s helping out the community.

We loved every minute of it and meeting many new people. Especially those of you who recognized us and told us what a great job we are doing- Thank you!  Even if you are lurkers, ahem, we are doing these podcasts to help the aspiring writer in ways we wish we could have had when we started.

Have a great week!


Writing Snippets Episode 6: World Building 2

Jocelyn MC’s this episode again as we talk about the importance of World building in science fiction writing, fantasy writing, contemporary and historical fiction.

(about 22 min)

Episode Five: World Building 101

Jocelyn is Mc in this episode. Your hosts are, Jocelyn, Lilly, Alice, Ava, Lauren

(about 22 min)

A few examples that nailed world building. You’re welcome!

Robyn Mckinley

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Lois McMaster Bujold

Scott Westerfeld

Grace Lin


Lois Lowry

Jim Butcher

Suzanne Collins

Shannon Hale

Chaim Potok

Jan and Stan Berenstain


Writing Snippets Episode Two: Writer’s Groups

Join your hosts, Alice, Ava, Elissa, Jocelyn, Lauren, Lilly and Nichole as we discuss Writer’s Groups. Have you ever thought about starting, or joining a writers group? Listen as we share our experience with writer’s groups, what works and what doesn’t and how our  writer’s group evolved into the manuscript-making machine it is now- with a lot of laughter along the way. Write in the comments section below your Writer’s Group stories, the good, the bad, and THE ugly, and what has worked for you.

****Leave a comment about your New Years Writing Resolutions to be entered in the drawing to win a Writer’s Digest Writing Planner. The winner will be announced on Monday, Jan. 31st.