Ava Mylne

Bio:  Ava Mylne was born in Sandy, Utah. She has always loved reading, but writing became a surprise obsession in just the last few years. She has three finished novels at varying degrees of completeness, and a few more banging around in her back-brain, jest a-percolatin’.

Ava has a long love of fantasy and history, and is just now discovering the joys of writing science fiction. Ghost stories are always fascinating, but she is more interested in suspenseful and sweet paranormal, as opposed to the creepy and gruesome.

As of this moment, her favorite authors are Robin McKinley, (The Hero and the Crown and Beauty) Lois McMaster Bujold, (Komarr and A Civil Campaign), and Brandon Sanderson, (Elantris). Plus a few dozen other as yet undiscovered or currently unremembered writing friends. She has won no awards, and published no works of literary genius, but she isn’t dead yet.

She resides in a little house in northern Utah with her husband and four children, and lives in her imagination.

6 responses to “Ava Mylne

  • Ava

    I found another writing friend: Shannon Hale, The Goose Girl. I can’t put it down!
    My writing goal hasn’t changed. 200+ words per day. Small, but do-able.

  • Ava

    I found another favorite: “The View From Saturday” by E. L. Konigsburg. She also wrote, “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler”. If you like meaningful books with a strong sense of friendship, I think this is one for you. Give it a try… 😀

  • Jess Smart Smiley

    “She has won no awards, and published no works of literary genius, but she isn’t dead yet.” LOL That’s the best line I’ve ever read!

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