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Winner of Heather Moore Contest

We have a winner of our contest to win the LDS historical novel Abinadi by author Heather Moore.

The winner is:

Elizabeth Mueller

Please email us at writingsnippets@gmail.com with your shipping information, and we’ll send you your signed copy of Abinadi. Thanks for listening and commenting.

Showing Emotions in your writing, with Heather Moore

heather moore

In our third interview with author/editor Heather Moore, we talk about how to show emotion in your writing, something that’s sometimes difficult to do but one of the best ways to draw readers into your story. She mentions the Poisonwood Bible, and Jeff Savage, Carol Lynch Williams, James Dashner, and Ally Condie’s novels as good examples of how to show emotion. She also mentions some strategies you can use to deepen the emotion in a scene, such as:

-Describing internal and physical reactions
-Hiding emotions
-Using the senses and looking at scene analytically
-How different age groups and genders show emotions in different ways
-Making sure your characters have flaws
-Focusing on common emotions like fear, anger, grief, love, etc…
-Avoiding clichés like “their chests tighten” or “a cold tingle down the spine”
-Through dialogue, objects and metaphor

Be sure to comment on this podcast for a chance to win Heather’s latest LDS fiction book, Abinadi! The contest will end Wednesday, April 18th.

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On Editing, with Heather Moore

heather moore

In our second interview with author/editor Heather Moore, she shares her insights on editing. Listen to learn about the qualifications for editors that work for her Precision Editing Group and how to self-edit your own and other people’s manuscripts. Find out where to place hooks, how to determine chapter length and pacing, and how to choose which characters’ viewpoint to use for each scene, as well as common mistakes writers make. If you struggle with viewpoint, as a lot of writers do, Heather mentions examples of books to read such as Orson Scott Card’s “Characters & Viewpoint.” For good examples of omniscient view point, which is one of the hardest viewpoints to write, Heather suggests reading Lemony Snicket; Alcatraz, by Brandon Sanderson; The Book Thief; and Jennifer A. Nielson’s middle grade series. She discusses the differences between editing for content and line editing and common plot problems she sees in the books she edits.

Comment to enter a contest to win Heather’s LDS fiction novel, Abinadi. Contest will end one week after we post our final Heather Moore interview.

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Meet Author and Editor Heather Moore

Heather Moore

Introducing Heather Moore, author of LDS historical novels such as Alma the Younger, and owner and editor of Precision Editing. Learn about her books and editing company and comment on this podcast for a chance to win her book Abinadi. Email us with the correct number of books she’s published for an extra entry or Facebook, Twitter or blog about this contest and leave us the links to your Facebook, Twitter, and blog with your comment for extra entries. For more information on Heather and her books go to: www.hbmoore.com.

Abinadi book cover

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